Michael Vick Gets Honest About Being ‘Lazy’ in Atlanta

Michael Vick has been making an effort to air his dirty laundry and make a new start since getting out of jail last year.  But yesterday, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that he was on Atlanta’s 790AM The Zone, once again trying to be honest and accept his responsibility in his wrongdoings, when he let it slip that he may have been a little “lazy” when he was playing for the Atlanta Falcons.  Well, it’s okay to be honest and try to make amends, but some things you might wanna keep to yourself when it comes to these crazy football fanatics.  His very mention of being “somewhat lazy” set one writer off in a tizzy.  The writer, who just goes by MJD, writes for Yahoo’s sports blog the Shutdown.   He wrote:

“This newest Vick crime, the one against sports, is a serious one, because he’s gotten some insane amounts of unconditional love from the people of Atlanta, and what did he give them in return? Was he a model citizen and pillar of the community? No. Did he bust his hump to help the Falcons and work hard to be the best player he could be? Nope. He just admitted as much.  It seems like the love in that relationship has only gone one way. They loved Vick, and in return, he took their money, he took their cheers on Sunday, and he spit in their faces.” (read it in its entirety here)

This is obviously a writer with another agenda in mind and heart when it comes to Michael Vick.  Admitting that he was wrong and wishing he had played better ball is not exactly a spit in the face of his fans.  He’s simply making an attempt to put his best foot forward and give the best apology to Atlanta by showing some amount of humility and regret.  He admitted to Atlanta that there was “a lot more” he could’ve done for the team.  He said, “I was complacent at the time, somewhat lazy, and I settled for mediocrity. I thought what I was doing was enough.”

While Atlanta and other fans may not be happy with his admission, we all can agree that he’s at least trying to be the best version of himself (even if he used a poor choice of words to go about it).  He also said that he agreed to do the BET show, “The Michael Vick Project,” so that he could “wipe the slate clean.”  So, MJD and other folks that live in glass houses, do you really think throwing stones is the right course of action? 

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