The Tea Party Begs for Racist Voter Eligibility Tactics

Tom Tancredo

You may not remember the former Congressman and 2008 Republican presidential candidate Tom Tancredo, but he’s trying to become a thorn in President Obama’s side with his relentless, ridiculous, racist, rhetoric concerning the Vote.  According to Huffington Post, last Thursday at the Tea Party Convention in Nashville, he addressed his fans about the right to vote in America and how “people who could not even spell the word ‘vote’, or say it in English, put a committed socialist ideologue in the White House.”

Tancredo hails from Denver, Co.  He has long been an opponent of illegal immigrants, but moreso, those coming into America who do not speaka da english.  Now if he’s a formidable opponent of them, imagine what he has in store for those who were “shipped” here.  But, it’s mighty funny his memory fails him when it comes to his own heritage.  His family, like many europeans living in America, are immigrants.  His grandparents may not have run for the border, but they damn sure didn’t miss the boat. 

He is proposing that the U.S. reinstate “literacy” laws to become eligible to vote.  The same literacy laws that were used against thousands of African Americans throughout the years to keep the black community ineligible.  The South was a hotbed of illegal activity at the voting booths.  The problem still remains, but it doesn’t have the strength of the legal literacy clause they used to get away with it, so they use other tricks.  Should we bring up 8 years of Bush to prove my point.  And Tancredo better be careful of what he wishes for because at least half of the group he hangs with couldn’t pass the literacy test either.

Check out the rest of Tancredo’s speech to the tea baggers here.

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