Rebecca “Becky” Flint New Dancing Sensation? (Video)

Ok, we really didn’t know what to make of this, so we’re begging you to weigh in.  This young girl from the UK, Rebecca “Becky” Flint, is the newest YouTube sensation.  She’s gained more than eight million views on YouTube in Japan alone.  When you see her bopping around doing her dance, you WILL NOT understand the hype.  Well, at least we didn’t.

Becky is 14, and says she’s been on YouTube posting her heart away for two years.  If you’ve seen her, you sure didn’t let us know.  Her and two other girls are getting ready to release a CD in Japan, but she has already released a DVD of her dancing to chinese anime called “This is Beckii Cruel: Too Cute to be Real.”   Japan loves her so much, she is now appearing in commercials there as well.

This goes to show…TALENT is truly in the eye of the beholder.  Get out there and TRY!  Some of those American Idol rejects need to get together and get to postin’ on YouTube.  Check her out:

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One thought on “Rebecca “Becky” Flint New Dancing Sensation? (Video)”

  1. Are you kidding me? I am going to get our v-cam out and start filming our son pronto. Couldn’t hurt and I know he dances better than what I just witnessed. Wow!!!

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