Lil Wayne Postpones Jail for Dental Visit

Every inmate in the system is wondering what in the hell is goinz on in the judicial system when Phil Spector and Lil Wayne can get their jail sentences delayed and broken over dental visits.  In Phil Spector’s case, he killed some damn body (Lana Clarkson) and he got to leave prison, like he was leaving his house, and go to his private dentist.

In Lil Wayne’s case, he went out and spent a fortune on platinum, diamond encrusted teeth that have resulted in a “string” of dental visits to correct or maintain.   So, maybe the teeth are a real investment after all.  They kept his butt out of jail a few minutes longer right?  Can’t be mad at that.  But inmates everywhere are like, “Man, hit me in my face riiiiiight here!”

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  1. Very educational – continue to spread the word. Looking forward to an update. For too long now have I had the urge to begin with my personal blog. Suppose if I wait any longer I will never ever do it. I’ll make sure to include you in my Blogroll. Many thanks!!

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