Beyonce’ Caught Up In RICO Sting?

It looks like Beyonce’ and her mother are having some real thug like issues over in the House of Dereon.  It appears that she’s been dealing with the Chinese to produce their clothes.  Well, you know how the Chinese (if you go to one of their laundries), are about their clothes.  No Pay! No Clothes! You pay now!  And unfortunately, it looks like someone has come up short in the Knowles household.

The Hong Kong company is suing Beyonce’ and her mom’s companies because they conspired to circumvent their services and not pay them what they owe.   They want $500,000 by morning or else!  They even called it into the Racketeer Influenced Corrupted Organizations Act to make it even more serious.  Whether or not they’ll be able to apply this to them for an apparent “low balling” scheme. 

Read here to determine if you think Beyonce is being shook down.

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