Family Cut Off Medicaid 9-Year Old Dies (Video)

Zumante Lucero, 9, dies because of Medicaid error in Denver, Co.

If they are not, Social Services should be looking at a nightmare lawsuit in Denver, Co.  But, a family that was unexpectedly cut off Medicaid lost a beautiful little boy, Zumante Lucero, in July and there isn’t any reports of a filing so far.  Hopefully, the family will get SOMETHING seeing as how the state is already admitting fault.

Their new system is only six years old.  They received a new computer system in 2004 and they have had complaints since implementing it.  The old paper system wasn’t perfect, but damn if people were dying at alarming rates over mistakes in the paperwork.  Now this family is suffering the most horrific set of circumstances behind it.

Zumante Lucero had an asthma attack and the pharmacy could not find coverage for the child.  The mother had ben calling and inquring about the status of her medicaid every few days up until the death of her son last july.  You do not want to hear how far behind their system in the world.  GUAM Y’ALL! GUAM!  The Huffington Post reports that the “Colorado Benefits Management System’s computer problems also account for rampant delays in processing food stamp cases.”  GUAM’S system gets food stamps out better than Colorado??!  Read more on the case here.

Here is a recorded message from Zumante’s sister:

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