President Obama Unveils Secret Weapon for HBCU’s Stability

Roland Martin on Washington Watch with Education Secretary Arne Duncan.

President Obama is fresh off his first State of the Union address to the world, jokes from late night comics over his teleprompter in a sixth grade classroom, and a Q&A with Republicans.  But, he is strong, fired up and making changes.  The latest commitment he’s offering was highlighted on Roland Martin’s Washington Watch on TV One.  Martin invited Education Secretary Arne Duncan for a conversation where he said that  the President has proposed an annual increase to HBCU’s of $98 million to ensure some colleges stability and resources.

Duncan made an important observation regarding the talent that hails from HBCU’s each year.  He noted that “half of the nation’s teachers” that pour into the classrooms ready to motivate your child each year comes from HBCU’s.  And not only has the President decided to give up an extra $98 million, he’s also proposing to double the Pell grant monies available for students each school year. 

The mangled administrations of struggling HBCU’s nationwide is in need of this money and it will be a happy day if those funds are indeed allocated to them.  BUT! Who’s going to be the new watchdog set up at these universitities to ensure that this money isn’t misappropriated and/or just thrown away to a presidential fence like the abruptly exiting president, Dr. Horace Judson, at Grambling put up around his home for approximately $158,000.

Check out the interview here.

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