Little Girl Lives the Life of Benjamin Button (Video)

Zara Hartshorn is only 13-years old, but appears middle aged.

A young girl by the name of Zara Hartshorn is living the life of the fictional Benjamin Button, but in real time.  Our time.  She is only 13 years old, yet has the appearance of a middle aged woman.  She lives in northern England in Rotherham, South Yorkshire with her mother and siblings.  She inherited the rare genetic disorder called Lipodystrophy from her mother.  Her mother, Tracey Pollard, 41, said that she was actually “angry” for having Zara because she remembers how hard it was for her as a young person. 

Already the children are relentlessly cruel and her mother has had to remove her from school.  Her other children only showed mild symptoms of the disorder, so she thought all of her children would be fine and then she had Zara.  Zara is applying make-up during the video you’re getting ready to see and could pass for at least 40 years old. 

Lipodystorphy is a disorder that doesnt’t allow the individual to produce fat cells, so the skin hangs.  See the full story here:

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