Black Students Leave College Under Race Threat

The Hocking Heights dormitory at Hocking College.

The terrorist race threat at Hocking College is at level red in Nelsonville, Oh.   Diverse Issues in Higher Education is reporting that some of the black students have withdrawn permanently from the college out of fear of being killed.  Apparently, the FBI has been called in to investigate a threat of a black student massacre.  There was a threat written in a bathroom of the school dormitory, Hockings Heights, that read, “Black students would be killed Feb. 2.”

The report also said that some students have been put in temporary housing for those who fear violence against them if they remain in the Hocking Heights dorm.  Professors have made exceptions for students who plan to stay away this week and will let students make up missed classwork.  The report states that according to students, this is not the first time there has been viscious racist remarks written on the walls before.  But, this time the threat was pernicious enough to cause for extreme concern.

The school spokesperson, Judy Sinnott, said she hadn’t heard any previous complaints of “racist taunting” before and went on to say something ludicrous:  “Any time that there are young people, you know, there’s going to be tension,” Sinnott said. “Young people will be young people.”  And yes, it’s true….she is the school spokesperson.

Well, I guess when you have a college nestled in a city at the foothills of the appalachian hills with only 400 black students in a college population of 6,300, you can get an idea of where Ms. Sinnott is coming from.  Not only that, the college sits in a city with a failing economy where heroin addiction is on the rise.

Read here for more details on what could possibly be a tragedy waiting to happen.

5 thoughts on “Black Students Leave College Under Race Threat”

  1. If more of our people attended HBCU’s, this really wouldn’t be an issue. A hundred years or so ago, Willie Lynch put the mentality into us that “white is right” and we still haven’t gotten over it. We still beg for inclusion from people or entities that don’t want us to be involved instead of attending our own institutions and making them better. JMTC

  2. Phil, get over the damn “white people are the devil for slavery and being racist”. That stuff is over and you need to move on. It’s Nelsonville, Ohio, there are mostly whites and that’s just how it is. No matter where you go you are going to find someone who believes they are better because of the color of their skin. Segregation was bad, that’s why we fixed the problem, stop acting like people feel “your people” are being denied access, they have the same opportunities everyone else have. Stop playing the victim.

  3. @JR You must have misunderstood my intent. I could care less what white people think of “my people”. My point was that we don’t need to beg for inclusion by them, when we could accomplish just as much if not more on our own. Instead of begging for acceptance at an unknown university where they aren’t wanted, why don’t they go to a school that accepts blacks and wants them to attend. There are some white universities that strive to include minorities and plenty of HBCU’s that have a stronger alumni base, more affluent sports programs & are more known in the workforce. So my point is, I am over it… would be nice if the black students of that university got over it and went elsewhere.

  4. The threats to the students are disturbing. But the spokesperson needs to think before opening her mouth. Judging from her prespective on the issue. It points out a lack of administrative insight. On what is happening on the campus.

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