Black History Month Spotlight: Muhammad Ali (Video)

Muhammad Ali knocks out Sonny Liston to become the world's heavyweight champ.

On this day, February 25,  in 1964, Muhammad Ali became the world heavyweight champion of the world by defeating Sonny Liston with a signature knock out punch that was nicknamed the “Phantom” punch ( maybe because you don’t see that one coming).  Born January 17, 1942, the fast talking, sharp witted 22-year old Ali was on top of the world.  He had already earned himself a gold medal in Rome at the 1960 Summer Olympics.  He went on to have a successful, but at times troubled, life in the world of boxing. Continue reading

Rhode Island Fires All Teachers at Under Performing School

A lot of school systems throughout America need to take a page out of the handbook being used in Rhode Island’s education system.  Because if Lil Johnny’s test scores suggest that he’s skated into sophomore year with a rack of C’s and D’s on his report card, something is amiss and needs to be reprimanded.  The Rhode Island school system was given the green light to start firing those they thought were dead weight at the school.  Continue reading

Fat Saves Woman from Bullet

Samantha Lynn Frazier, 35

This is pure-dee ridiculous, but we have to weigh in.  If you haven’t heard, fat doesn’t save lives.  But, in Samantha Lynn Frazier’s case, you might be able to understand why she feels differently.  She was out minding her own business getting drinks first thing in the morning at an Atlantic City bar and lo and behold, someone else was up to no good.  According to MSNBC, as she walked into Herman’s bar a man opened fire and she heard the shots, but she didn’t realize she was the one hit. Continue reading

Black History Month Spotlight: Rebecca Lee Crumpler

On this day, February 24, in 1864, Rebecca Lee Crumpler (born in 1833) became the first Black woman to to receive the M.D. degree.  She graduated from the New England Female Medical College.  But first, she would work as a nurse from 1852 to 1860 in Massachusetts.   According to the National Institutes of Health, she was raised by her aunt who spent a lot of time caring for sick neighbors which probably guided her career path. Continue reading

Black Children Are Endangered Species Campaign Targets Atlanta

Black women in Atlanta are mad as hell right now over an ad campaign that is taking up dozens of billboards throughout Atlanta.  ABC reported that the anti-abortion campaign is run by African Americans.  The billboards show a black baby’s face with ‘Endangered Species’ glaring over his head.  Billboard designer, Ryan Bomberger, who is black, explained that his organization wants to raise the awareness of the staggering statistics that fuel the campaign. Continue reading

Man Beats IRS Bulldozes Home (Video)

The IRS has turned the American white male into a terrorist/destruction force.  Two incidents within a week of each other.  First, the man flies a plane into the IRS building in Austin, now this?!  This guy, Terry Hoskins, takes a bulldozer and demolishes his own palatial pad as a sort of a middle finger to the U.S. government.  He even says, “It took three years and eight months to build it and only two hours to take it down.” Continue reading

Do You Have ‘Penis Pants’ Envy?

Designer Isabel Mastache has pulled off the biggest fashion jedi mind trick ever!  She showed up to Madrid’s fashion week with a collection of foolishness Edward Scissorhands and Alice in Wonderland would look at sideways. The collection HAS to be for either them or some other majorly ridiculous flamboyant type of production.  If not, I’m getting out my scissors, thread, pillow cushions and a Dr. Pepper and start my own collection that I know can rival this foolishness.  And her piece de resistance, the friggin PENIS PANTS?! Somebody call the police!  She needs to be locked up! Continue reading

Black History Month Spotlight: W.E.B. DuBois

On this day in 1868, the elite W.E.B. DuBois was born in Barrington, Mass.  He was consumed by the injustice the world heaped upon Black America and was certain that he would make the difference they needed through simply sharing the beacon of education by example.  He was a true renaissance man and was called “The Father of Pan-Africanism.”  His commitment to the rights of black people was unparalleled and he lived his life in the hopes that we would follow his lead. Continue reading