Woman Killed By a Car After Hitting Lottery

Deborah McDonald, 47, wins Ohio's Cash Explosion Double Play

The worst thing that could possibly happen to someone who wins money is to never get an opportunity to spend it.  It’s a sad day in Ohio as a Mrs. Deborah McDonald, 47, walked home from celebrating her lottery win and then was struck by a car and killed.  The saving grace was she had her last supper with friends and family.

She took the time to celebrate at a nearby bar where she met with her husband and others for what would be her last meal.  One thing for sure is she died happy.  She even bought wedding rings that her and her husband couldn’t afford.  The way she died was almost as if she knew it was coming because there were no stone uncovered in her last moments on Earth. 

Read here for the details of this tragedy.  Rest in peace, Mrs. McDonald.

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