Chris Matthews ‘Post Racial’ Remarks (Video)

It appears that Chris Matthews was all flustered and discombobulated with adoration for President Obama Wednesday night after his first State of the Union address.  He was actually blushing and gushing like a school girl.  But, that disheveled energy has thus far put him in the hot seat.  But, I for one say, “Kudos! Mr. Matthews!” for letting your little light shine.  The perspective that you gave in this “post racial” time is a double-edged sword.  It gave an inkling of understanding of why white liberals may have supported and was interested in the President and his campaign that allowed them, for the first time, to move past their “tribalism” and “old ethnicity” to collectively say “Yes We Can!” 

They could, for the first time, express to the world when they really like a black person, “I forgot he was black for a moment.”  But it’s understandable that Mr. Matthews was caught up in the moment and embraced the rainbow coalition of it all.  He was just trying to say something that he felt he “shouldn’t be saying.”  And the only reason he felt he couldn’t say it is because this is not the perfect world Obama opened a portal into for an hour for us to test drive.  No…we were still in the “post racial” time that still included the many racists that have the old ugly habit of not appreciating a good black man when they see one.

Yes, Mr. Matthews was the little kid in the room that spoke a truth to, not the black folks that may have taken offense, but his white liberal friends that may have shuddered at hearing his pure and honest revelation.  They weren’t prepared for such an admission at this stage in the game.  Matthews opened up a full can of worms with his remarks.  His generation of the white liberal community does not want to be considered racist or have any of their ideas and thoughts associated with those of their parents.  No! Not at all.  After all, they invented flower children, and gave peace a chance after Vietnam, stood with Malcolm and Martin, and finally, they helped get Obama elected. 

So don’t get all bent out of shape over his comments.  He was sincere and simply coming to terms with something that we, in the black community, have absolutley nothing to do with.  They are still working some kinks out of their understanding of the world, but making strides everyday to get it right.  We have to give some points for that, right?  Now!  Which one of you will be the first to say, “Thank you, Mr. Matthews.  We’ve been waiting for you to see past our race?”

-J.C. Brooks

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