Jewel Thief Portrayed by Halle Berry Is Still At It

Halle Berry will be portraying an international jewel thief that was supposed to be retired.   I guess the law forced her into retirement and thought she was done.  But, just last week, Doris Payne, 79, walked up in Saks Fifth Avenue and cut the tags off a $1300 Burberry coat and left.  Now it must’ve been a long time since she’s been in the game if she thought cutting the tags off was a good plan for getting out the store unnoticed.

Halle Berry will play Doris Payne in an upcoming film that bears her name, “Who Is Doris Payne?”  She has a long history with the judicial system.  It sounds like she should’ve made a exit when she heard their would be a movie about her. Maybe she’s trying to make herself look like a more authentic character.  Who knows…go figure.

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