Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally Hosts ‘Proud Racist’ (Video)

The state of California has only one kind of “illegal”, according to these people at an Anti-Illegal Immigration rally.  They don’t specify, but we can only assume, they are probably speaking directly to the Mexicans coming over the border.  They just aren’t saying it in any of their speeches.

This rally took place earlier this month and a California Councilman Bob Kellar and a black man Jamiel Shaw stood on their soap boxes and proclaimed that they were proud racists for all to hear.  Mr. Shaw, first of all, you could never be a racist, no matter what they tell you.  You have to have power with your prejudice to be a racist.  And while our President may be African American, the power of blackness stops there.  See what’s been happening with him lately?

But it seems he just got on the bandwagon with Kellar in the heat of the moment.  Shaw lost his son by the hands of an illegal immigrant and that is a bit different from the usual complaint.  Kellar has the average white man gripe with illegal immigrants that sound similar to just plain ol’ racist behavior throughout America.  He feels they are taking his opportunity for a better life.  He is blaming all of California’s misery and deficit on them.  Are you serious?   Please believe if any of these so-called illegals run a housekeeping or landscaping special all of the fools at this rally would open their doors as wide as the borders.  They are a part of their own problem because its many of these folks that are employing them.

Check them out:

-J.C. Brooks

4 thoughts on “Anti-Illegal Immigration Rally Hosts ‘Proud Racist’ (Video)”

  1. The drooling open-borders nuts and one-worlders are quick to take a text out of context as a pretext to distort truth. Their narrow minds are made up, so don’t try to confuse them with facts.

  2. Shortfalls for U.S. cities could reach $56 billion
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  3. Bob Kellar proved to the world that he is one great stand up guy. At the Santa Clarita City Council meeting 40 people spoke in regards to what Mr Kellar said at the rally. Thirty-eight of those who spoke thanked Mr Kellar for what he said and for all his service to the community which included helping the Hispanic directly.

    What the leftest media and open borders organizations are doing is what they always so, distort and deceive. This man said he was fed up with being called named by those who don’t want the truth to be told. We have a huge illegal alien problem in California and we need to address it, not another amnesty.

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