14-Year Old Kills Parents Over Chores

 It is definitely a brand new day.  Children are divorcing their parents and knocking them around whenever they want for whatever they want.  The lawlessness that has jumped off in the household is completely out of control.  John Caudle, 14, thought that he should not have to do any chores around the house, so he took his mother out with the family gun.

He not only shot his mother, but the child went into the laundry room and hid and waited for his stepfather to walk by, then shot him.  There’s several problems with this story from the beginning.  Why does this child know where to get the guns that are in the house?  There’s something a little deeper at play here.  It has to be.

The child, at 14, showed no remorse for the crime and told police that his chores was the only reason.  And you’re not going to believe how he got to school the next day.  If his cheese indeed slid off the cracker, I wouldn’t recommend an ass whoopin’ either.  But it’s too bad that the police didn’t get involved until after the crime was committed.  It sounds like there may have been some tell tale signs before things escalated to this point.

-J.C. Brooks

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