Gary Coleman Is At It Again…from Behind Bars

Gary Coleman

Gary Coleman is at a great place in his life to embrace the drama and sit and heal and get over it!  Whatever IT may be.  It sppears that the only time he can get in front of a camera is  while being hauled away in a police car.  It’s so strange that since America has painted him such a novelty that everyone isn’t asking him to be in their film.  Certainly, he isn’t turning anyone away because he is tired of  people asking him to say, “What’chu talkin’ bout Willis?”

According to the UK’s Daily News online, Coleman was arrested on some older charge of “failure to appear in court” after being alerted to a domestic violence situation at his home.  He’s still married to Shannon Price, a young white woman that is half his age.  They have only been married since 2007 and it was supposedly the first time he’s ever been intimate with a woman.  Which would explain a lot of this pent up aggression.  His bail is $1725.  Hope he can make it.  Check out the rest of this story here.

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