Corinne Bailey Rae is Back After a Destructive Break

Corinne Bailey Rae

Soon as you saw her name, you couldn’t help but hear her song “Put Your Records On” in your mind, right?  Corinne Bailey Rae is the celebrated artist we grew to love in such a short period of time before the love of her life died suddenly in a drug overdose incident in 2008.  Since that incident, she’s been in hiding but now she’s ready to come back after what she’s calling an “extremely, extremely destructive” time in her life.

Rae said that she wasn’t interested in making music since her husband, who was also her best friend, died.  She was only interested in breaking stuff up.  She kept people around her constantly and was finally able to return to the studio.  She is releasing a new album, “The Sea”, soon.  She’s somewhere near making her return to the music scene.  Check out her courageous attempt to return after such an abrupt departure here.

3 thoughts on “Corinne Bailey Rae is Back After a Destructive Break”

  1. i’m glad she is back and doing much better.I know she doesn’t like people to make too much fuss over her,but i am a number one fan,i saw her her at the electric factory in philadelphia and i had the time of my life.I don’t like being a pest but i would like to ask if she would come back to philadelphia when it is summer and do a free concert at Penns landing if it is possible,i won’t ask for anything else.

  2. i’m glad i got the chance to see her in september of 2010.I was suffering from cancer when she was here in 2009,i am so greatful to god for letting me pull through to see her in person,if i never see her again,i will never forget the good time i had.If you see this corinne, i want to say to you and your wounderful band,thank you all from the bottom of my heart,please don’t ever stop bringing people joy.

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