Jokey Joke: EUR This ‘N That’s Idol Grind Off (Video)

EUR This ‘N That’s version of American Idol is back again with some unusual talent.  We guarantee that you will not see more UNSEXY “grinding” contestants in an impromptu contest over who can dance the freakiest or sexiest between amateur male dancers.  The self-proclaimed “funniest rapper alive,” Keith from Up Da Block, felt compelled to start a competition between himself and Mr. Spectacular of the R&B group Pretty Ricky.  (We hear Tila Tequila has thrown her hat in the ring too, but today is just for the ladies.)

He said he discovered him on the Internet saying that he wants to find out “who’s the best in ‘freak dancing.’ ”  So he threw his gut in the ring, purely for our voyeuristic disgust and anguish.  Just jokes Keith!  We’re sure it was both brave and frighteningly painful to get in those panties and put that on the Internet for everyone to see.  Check him out ladies!  Maybe he has a chance at winning??

The original video of Mr. Spectacular has been pulled down everywhere, but there’s a second video. He received a lot of flack over the first one and he’s addressing all the haters out there, then he gives us a piece of his “freak dancing” skills. You can’t really tell who’s more disgusting in this competition. If you like a little mo’ flab with your freak then go with Keith. But if skin and bones is yo’ thang…well, Mr. Spectacular got you taken care of. Check them out and vote!

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