Pastor Headed to Jail for Faking Wife’s Suicide

Mark Baker, 38
Matt Baker

You can’t trust anyone these days if you have to worry about your preacher husband suffocating you in your sleep.  Former baptist minister, Matt Baker, 38, is looking at spending the rest of his life behind bars.  He obviously, skipped class that day in seminary school when they were teaching about how God don’t like ugly and He’s omnipresent and sees all things etc. etc. etc.

Initially, Baker told the police that he found a suicide note and that his wife, Kari Baker, had been depressed because their daughter succumbed to cancer in 1999. But, the real story was that he wanted to bang all of his wife’s friends and some of their daughter’s and because he’s a baptist minister, he couldn’t get a divorce, so he used the other marriage breach loophole…death.

To make matters worse, the law went for it until Kari’s parents smelled something funny.  They said there was foul play.  They even had her body exhumed for further investigation.  I know! What a bastard, right?  Well, you’ll find another word when you see what one of his mistresses had to say on the stand.  Who later contradicted her own skanky testimony.  Read the rest of this mess here.  I’m done!  Yuck!

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