Octomom Back with New Body After 1 Year

Every mother in America is STILL mad at Nadya Suleman also known as the Octomom.  She just gave all the mothers out there, yet another reason to be perturbed by her.  She’s been looking after 14 children, so that might be part of the reason she’s been able to drop all of her body fat and come out looking like some Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader after having eight of her children at one time.  But, maybe NOT!

Look at these pictures of her.  I mean, C’MON SON!  Not in anything else, but her airbrushing DREAMS could she get rid of those stretch marks!  Maybe she has been doing 4,000 crunches per day to get rid of the abs, but with the extent of damage done to the muscles and the amount of skin that was stretched??  Does she really think we’re that dumb?  There are personal trainers that tell women all the time, “Sorry, but you’re going to have to get that little ‘flap’ surgically removed.”  There’s just some things you can’t get rid of in the gym.

And the other thing we have to remember is…SHE’S NO SPRING CHICKEN.  She’s over 30 and the skin and ass doesn’t bounce back like it used to!  Check out a closer view of the pics here.

4 thoughts on “Octomom Back with New Body After 1 Year”

  1. i love how she has all this money for surgery but she was accepting donations on the dr. phil show because she was so poor and chouldnt afford all the kids that she had.. people make me sick

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