Jokey Joke: A.I. Audition Take 1

Take him out of there, please someone take him out of there!  This guy knew he couldn’t sing.  He came in the American Idol audition dressed nice hoping to get a photo op or a little air time, so someone can say they saw him on television making a fool of himself.  I bet he’s one of those local comedians and he just did this for a little exposure.  But, no one in their right mind would go and try and sing a Maxwell song unless THEY KNOW deeeeeep in their heart they are a true singer.

Not only did he go in and flub the audition, but he knew he was going to fail with Maxwell’s cornerstone hit, This Woman’s Work.  I’m sorry, but Mr. Curley, obviously from the Three Stooges, we gotta give you an Ed Lover … C’MON SON! 

Check him out:

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