AI Contestant Evicted and Convicted on Show (Video)

People have been known to show out during American Idol, but now they are getting downright indignant about their lack of talent.  They get in that room and something comes over them when they tell them, “It’s a no.”

Immediately, all of mama’s home trainin’ runs out the door and these fools get to doing splits, singing louder (off key), crying…just ackin’ a damn fool!  But this guy takes the cake!  This has to be the first time I’ve ever seen someone get arrested at their audition.  I mean, damn, it ain’t that serious or is it?  There’s a great article about that here.

But, check out this guy.  He’s never going to be a contestant again.  Mainly because he was hustled to the ground AT the audition, so it isn’t like they have to do a background check and it comes out later.  Po’ thang.  This is the only record he’ll ever have:

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