Mass. Senate Race Won by a Republican After Nearly 50 years

Senator Scott Brown, now, representing Massachusetts.

Teddy Kennedy must be spinning in his grave over the republican win by Scott Brown yesterday for the Massachusetts senate seat.  The Kennedy had enjoyed nearly 50 years in the seat until his untimely death August 25, 2009.  The long standing democratic seat was to go to the “once-favored” Democrat candidate Martha Coakley.  President Obama flew to Massachusetts to send her a little rowboat that ended up being more like a small raft in a hurricane.

Now the health care reform bill is at stake.  Brown has been outspoken on lowering the boom on President Obama’s health care bill that he is vehemently against.  The presence of President Obama supporting Coakley, may have sunk her votes as the so-called Tea Partiers are suggesting that people want more results from him in a country being ravaged with all types of catastrophes one after another.

AP reported that the President told Coakley, “We can’t win them all.”  Which gives the seat over to a republican for the first time in 30 years.

Be afraid … be very afraid as you read the details here of what this really means.

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