Dr. Sanjay Gupta Left Alone with Patients in Haiti Hospital (Video)

One of America’s most well known doctors from his appearances on Oprah, being a medical correspondent for CNN, and most notably withdrawing from President Obama’s consideration for U.S Surgeon General, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, is down in Haiti doing what he can to help out.  Dr. Gupta is also a practicing neurosurgeon and he is lending his abilities to the devastation as much as possible, but it takes a team to do surgeries and tend to some of the victims. 

Over this past weekend, he was left in a makeshift hospital with a sparse crew to take care of patients, he thinks, because some heard there may be some security concerns.  At first whiff of that news, they abandoned ship.  Gupta and a few others were left holding the bag and he was confused by their choice to leave.   But, if you’re going to leave, DON’T TAKE SOME OF THE SUPPLIES WITH YOU! Absolutely crazy!  He shared the incident with Joy Behar via satellite.  Check it out:

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