Battle for Home Ends After Over Forty Years

Sallie Sanders outside her new 4-bedroom home in Hamtramck, Mi.

The community within a community, Hamtramck, Mi., is surrounded by Detroit.  The community, for a very long time, was once predominantly Polish.  It could boast having the second largest population outside of Poland.  But now the streets are filled with a “diverse” group of people, including black people.  At one time, blacks were not allowed.

A woman, Sallie Sanders, and her family was forced out of the small community over 40 years ago.  They were sent into a public housing project instead of the house her and her parents and siblings were renting.  She was delighted after all these years to be handed the keys to a new home for her and her family as a part of the decision rendered in 1980 that they build 200 homes and 150 senior citizen units for those discriminated against.  All of the housing was to be offered at “below-market rates to black plaintiffs in the lawsuit.”

The senior housing went up relatively quickly, but the homes were very slow with contractors just STARTING in 2004.  But nonetheless, there is a victory to be celebrated according to Sanders, “My parents would be ecstatic that their offspring would be able to enjoy the things they couldn’t,”

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