Officials Want to Close Borders to Incoming Haitian Refugees


Whatever happened to the slogan at Ellis Island that said, “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe” ?  It seems that whenever Haitians are making their way over to our borders, they immediately shut tight.  Remember little Elian Gonzalez was coming over on the water on an inner tube in 2000, and he was immediately gathered up by officials and given to members of his family in Miami?  Well, the same instance happened with some Haitians a couple years later, except they were simply given a kick to their boat and sent back in the direction of Haiti.

This has long been the course of action when it comes to Haitians and other carribean islands.  Now that the most horrific disaster seen in Haiti in many years has happened, the U.S. government has taken time away from their relief schedule to warn that they need not try to leave Haiti for the U.S. because the same treatment will await them.  The treatment they call being “repatriated” …immediately.

Now what could call for such different measures between the nations.  Cubans can come right over (if they make it) and have a little hang  time,  change clothes, play some Xbox and hang out for a few days until they can find them better accommodations or even locate a family member.  But, no not us.

Read here to see the full measures Janet Napolitano, our homeland security secretary plans to implement in case of a breach.

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