Elderly Women Terrorized by ‘Twilight Rapist’

There’s nothing more awful than someone violating your grandmother or mother is it?  This rapist/attacker has been in Yoakum, Tx., not only violating them, but also robbing them of their sense of security.  They don’t seem to have any neighborhood watch group so far, but they did have a meeting and was given pepper spray.

It appears that he’s only attacking the elderly.  The women range in ages from 65 to 91.  Cassandra McGinty, 55, can’t believe that he is targeting women in her age group.  They’ve been trying to figure out how they can catch the rapist, but the DNA that was found has not been linked to anyone they have on record.  He may  be travelling from some other city or is a first time offender that is very young.

But, they are trying to put a stop to it because this has been going on for a year now.  It all started with a 65-year old woman that was raped last January.  They’ve been told to break up their routine and not go to their doors after a certain time.  Read here for the full details.

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