Rebuilding Haiti in the Green


A writer for the Huffington Post, Josh Schrei, had a great idea to rebuild Haiti with all of the elements of healthy living they could possibly stand.   All of the things we hear about in the news about living a green healthy life, from our cleaning products to our energy sources, could be adapted to Haiti as they look at rebuilding the entire city of Port Au Prince.  He gave the examples of:  “Massive solar energy infrastructure, wind generation, communal and vertical farming,green public transportation, a reduction in automobile use, and, most importantly, a full geo-structural re-imagining of the entire cityscape that reduces sprawl, maximizes resources, saves energy, and allows for energy independence. This is what the cities of the future will look like.”

The Haitian people really do have the opporutnity now to have the best possible living accommodations where the weather benefits them.  They can be rebuilt in a way that the rains could fuel them as well as feed their newly developed crops.  They need to rebuild smart and the Green way is the wave of all of our futures.

Check it out here.

6 thoughts on “Rebuilding Haiti in the Green”

  1. Yes! Schrei puts it very elegantly, and it makes sense. I think anyone involved with the PAP rebuild should read and consider it seriously. Plus, the people of Haiti should be introduced to this idea. We have an amazing opportunity here to put our money toward something positive and forward thinking, that will benefit not just Haiti, but everyone on the planet.

    How do we get the word out? I sent a link to the article to the White House, but does anyone ever actually read these things? I don’t know.

    Anyway, THANKYOU for doing your part. Let’s hope it happens.

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  3. Do you think it’s a deliberate trick that not many people try to produce their own energy? I mean do oil companies stifle progress to make more money?

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