President Obama Addresses Church for MLK Day (Video)


President Obama delivers speech at Vermont Avenue Baptist Church in D.C., January 17, 2010

President Obama addressed the congregation of Vermont Avenue Baptist Church yesterday in hopes of revisiting the strength of the sermon that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered there in 1956.  Our President is a man that really is living with the world on his shoulders at this time more than others.  He is doing what he can in Haiti and making sure he responses on time, but that is still being criticized.  He is a praying man though.  His faith is strong and he knows that by far no matter what he’s experiencing, it’s nothing like the crusades of Martin Luther King Jr.   And no matter what the office of the U.S. President brings, he’s there because Dr. King lived.

He reminds us in his speech of the strength and faith of the man and the resilience of his spirit that we can use forever to solve the problems of the wollf:

“Even as Dr. King stood in this church, a victory in the past and uncertainty in the future, he trusted God. He trusted that God would make a way. A way for prayers to be answered. A way for our union to be perfected. A way for the arc of the moral universe, no matter how long, to slowly bend towards truth and bend towards freedom, to bend towards justice. He had faith that God would make a way out of no way.”

Check him out:

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