Detroit Woman Claims To Have Spread AIDS to 500 Victims (Video)

YouTube and MediaTakeout have blown up with over 500,000 views of a video from a woman that goes simply by “Jackie” who is confessing that she has slept with over 500 men and women in an attempt to infect them with AIDS.  She goes as far as to whip out a file with their names and she gives a story for each one.  She also, repeatedly tells them they should be “ashamed.”  She calls herself a “serial killer in the worst way…I infect what’s on the inside…it’s the inside that counts,” she says.

According to Detroit News, authorities have been alerted throughout the country, but they believe there is the possibility of it being a hoax.  But until they find that to be true, they are investigating it as a real criminal confession and alerting authorities everywhere.  In addition to her admission of having the AIDS virus, she tells some of those that she named how she has herpes and syphilis. 

One thing for sure, if you know anything about those “ride or die” boys in the D, she better hope the law catches up with her before they do.  And to look at this thing a different way, you could view it as a PSA for AIDS awareness.  This is going a bit far to to drive the lesson home, but she is valid in what she’s saying about going out there unprotected. 

Read the Detroit News story here and the information they have so far. 

Watch her video here:

11 thoughts on “Detroit Woman Claims To Have Spread AIDS to 500 Victims (Video)”

  1. This story reminds me of that guy that was claiming to have done the same thing.. CRAZY..he was even wore a similar disguise. ridiculous

  2. Its like Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, hoax or not, I hope those fellas had sense enough to wear a condom. If her name is really Jackie and she is from Detroit, they will catch up with her on from the Washington D.C. AIDS data base and even from the local clinic. Damnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn, these ladies as well as men dont care about living or dying, they are unsympathetic to the life of a human, so they will take you out with them!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. If she was infect in 1998, she is living in Detroit and still alive, not saying anything bad about Detroit, then she has to have money to afford the kind of medical drugs that would keep her alive.

  4. Im glad to see EUR back up and running properly. By changing the site it destroyed a web community. I hope that a new one soon replaces it. Anyhoo, as far as someone infecting 500 people, it’s not as easy as one might think particularly for a woman. If a man has sex with an infected woman he has about a 1 in 1,000 chance of being infected with HIV/AIDS. Having a STI increases the rate considerably. It is usually the receptive partner who is most at risk of getting HIV due to microscopic tearing of tissues in the vagina or rectum. Infected semen goes into the bloodstream. A man with AIDS who is the insertive partner (he puts his dyck into others) is more likely to infect several partners. As an AIDS educator and Program Director for 10 years I have seen this first hand.

  5. Hoax who knows, It reminds me 1991 all over again. 1991 in Dallas there was a young lady calling herself CJ. She claimed to had been going around to nightclubs sleeping with guy’s to spread the HIV/AIDS virus. It was a big wake up call to remind people the deadly disease still exist, that’s all people where talking about or worried about “had they slept with CJ”.

    For those whom are promiscuous, wake the fukup!

  6. unfortunately, hoax or not, there are people out there that actually do this. Scary…very scary.

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  8. turns out this was a hoax she doesn’t have AIDS and the other thing she was lying about she’s ugly as shit big ass gap in your teeth bitch karma is gonna catch up to you. I hope she do get it!!!

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