8-Year Old on Terrorist No Fly List?

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has denied repeatedly that there are children on the infamous “no fly list.”  Ever since little Mikey Hicks was in the news the other day about his consistent “pat downs” at the airport, it has been brought to the public’s attention that the FBI and TSA need to review their security precaution.  TSA has vehemently defended their program saying that there are NO children on the no fly list.  But no one could address why Michael Winston Hicks has been getting frisked since he was 2 years old.

His mother said the cuteness of Lil’ Mikey’s predicament with the airlines wore off pretty quickly and has been quite annoying.  She herself is a photojournalist who has had security clearance high enough to ride Air Force II.  His dad, with the same name, has only been hassled this past trip on their way to the Bahamas.

Now if what TSA says is true, why is it that the airlines don’t see him and immediately know he is not a terrorist?  Also, why is it that the airlines consistently harass this little boy? And why is it that several incidents have occurred in the past.  In 2006, 4-year old Edward Allen and his mother, Sijollie Allen(a Jamaican immigrant) were held back from a Continental airline flight because his name was on the terrorist watch list.  In 2007, the same thing.  An 8-year old Bryan Moore was stopped on his first trip on an airplane and he said they told him, “‘We can’t get you on this plane, you’re a terrorist.'”

This list was a bright idea of the Bush administration after 9/11 and it appears it needs to be revised…like everything he’s responsible for.  Read here for more of the bizarre details of Mikey Hicks story.

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