10-Year Old Gets Sentenced for Shooting Father and His Friend

Do you remember the bizarre case out of Arizona November 2008, when this 8-year old was charged with the shooting deaths of his dad, 29-year old Vincent Romero, and his father’s friend, 39-year-old Timothy Romans?  The case is still mind boggling because authorities still don’t have his motive for shooting them.

Well, the first thing that came to my mind was that the young boy had been molested by his father and the friend.  It’s the only thing that suggests that a child could come home, find your gun, get it out and possibly load it to shoot you at 8 years old!  C’mon Son!  It sounds like something horrific must’ve happened to that child.  He probably doesn’t even want to share what they did to him and that’s why he kept telling them that he was simply tallying up the spankings.

The judge sentenced him to a residential treatment program, but not the private program the prosecutor and defense attorney was fighting for in Maricopa County.  He will also be placed on “intensive probation” until he turns 18.  It’s unclear what that means.

Read here for more on the case.

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