How Do You Like the First Lady’s New Do?

Our first lady is probably very diligently working on the Haitian quake disaster and her hair looks much different.  She’s too busy to worry about how her hair may look and all of the magazine hype, but she does have a new hairdo.  She sported her new bob to Joe Biden’s mother Jean’s funeral.  At first glimpse of the picture it takes you back about 40 years.  The classic look of Jackie O or simply an era of class.


The 60’s look is sexy on her as well as classy.  She looks like she would put a pill box or some other classy accessory or outfit on with it at any given moment.  She really does look good.  Her upsweep is gone. What do you think?  Are you going to be the next one with the Michelle Bob?  In our opinion, she’s absolutely classic!  Beautiful Michelle Obama! Beautiful.

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