Marijuana Legalization Is In ‘PlainView’

John Lee, founder of PlainView Systems
John Lee, founder of PlainView Systems

The marijuana industry in California is generating enough money that it could singlehandedly save the state.  Arnold should’ve found a way to tap into that legal weed money, then he’d be in a good place.  But as it is, he was so broke, if you remember, he couldn’t make it to President Obama’s inauguration.  CNN Money reports how the privatized sensation that has only been making legal money for a minute (in drug time) is in need of some financial and business organization…in walks PlainView Systems.

PlainView offers an organized business solution to those like Evan, who is mentioned in the CNN interview as a bit of an entrepreneur in the marijuana industry.  The government now requires so much paperwork to be processed in order to run a legal marijuana business that it makes PlainView look indispensable.  This is paperwork that Evan isn’t used to filling out.  After all, he’s been in the business since he was 18 (15 in drug years).  He didn’t want his last name used, but he is one of PlainView’s first customers from the marijuana industry.  He will be using them “to invoice his buyers and order seeds and fertilizer for his crop.”  You know…run a business!

Now that the government is bringing all of these entrepreneurs from underground that have not been on the radar, they now need someone to manage their businesses and the founder of Plain View, John Lee, who is an entrepreneur himself, saw an opportunity and ran with it.  Lee had a career as an IT professional where he held an executive position at media software maker Real Networks.  But he lost his job last February to layoffs.  His brother recommended he start his own weed farm like those he saw on CNBC.  He chose to incorporate his business skills with the present conditions and voila! He’s up and running giving people business solutions to their business mess.

Read about his up and coming empire here.

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