Sarah Palin Inks Deal with Fox News

Fox is a multi-faceted network isn’t it?  They have all kinds of entertainment available from the conservative liars on their news show to The Family Guy.  And now they’ve signed Sarah Palin on to the line-up as a commentator.  I guess she does fit somewhere between conservative liar and The Family Guy.

The most fortunate part of the deal is that she isn’t getting her own show.  She won’t get to showoff those infamous interviewing chops.  But unfortunately, she will still be weighing in on the issues of the world with occasional hosting project here and there.

More than likely, folks will be watching her and she’ll get great ratings AT FIRST because people will be waiting to stare into the train wreck news that she’ll be a part of.

Read more about the deal here.  Good luck with tuning in to Palin.

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