Halle Berry Gets to Bypass the Airport Lines

The airport passengers at Aéroports de Montréal were pissed last week when Halle Berry and her baby daddy got to jump the long security line.  She had her 22-month old along with her and her model boyfriend, Gabriel Aubry, and he thought their tight schedule should be considered, so he asked for a little preferential treatment.  I swear! Some people get them a girlfriend with an Academy Award and sexiest woman alive status and they get to actin’ up!

The press want to go after Halle Berry, but I beg to differ.  She wasn’t the one asking the police for a chance to move up in line, so they could get on before everyone else.  NO!  That was her prima donna boyfriend/baby daddy.  That’s why celebs tell people in their family not to show out, especially around them because they will be blamed.

And the one who made a big stink of the whole thing was a woman reporter who (first) is jealous of Halle Berry and (2) she was down on her luck and needed a little extra money by gettin gthis story (3) And she was mad that they told her off for being late and having the nerve to complain about Ms. Halle Berry who was on time and being delayed.

Check out all of the details of the incident here.

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