Beer for Blood Campaign Takes Off in Washington

This program in Tacoma, Wa., sounds like something they might end up doing for HBO’s True Blood.   They’re located in a small town too and everything circulates around beer and blood.  But funny how this campaign found a new way, in the real world, to get people healthy and save lives.  Just offer folks some beer for their blood donation and they’ll give all day long.  They never knew how popular the campaign would be until every drunk in town showed up and catapulted the program into cult popularity. 

Just kidding!  They did get a lot of people to participate though.  The only hitch to the program was that the donor has to wait four hours before they could get their “pint.”  They are looking to spread the program over the state of Washington because it has done so well.

Read more here, maybe you’ll do a drive-by when you’re in town.

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