Freak Shot Gets No Points in Kings vs. Nuggets Game (Video)

You will see why the referee had to stop the game because obviously the players for the Nuggets weren’t.  The Forward for the Denver Nuggets, J.R. Smith, nearly stood underneath the basket as the rookie for the Sacramento Kings, Tyreke Evans, took a shot from the three -point line and … MISSED!  But, Smith didn’t see it that way, nor his co-worker.

For some strange reason since Evans has been doing pretty well in his first time out, he was able to hoodwink the Nuggets’ players.  Maybe they didn’t look up or maybe they really did see magic happen.  Whatever the case may have been Smith took the ball back out as though a basket had been made.  You watch the footage and tell us what you think?  Magic or unfocused?  Check it out:

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