13-Year Old Math and Computer Prodigy Attends Morehouse (Video)

Child prodigy at 13, Stephen

Stephen Stafford looks like your average 13-year old, but when he begins to calculate mathematical concepts and working with his computer, you see he’s much more.  This 13-year old is tutoring college students and can add his name to the list of the legendary Morehouse men.

His mother, Mrs. Michelle Stafford, who is an acceleration coach worked with both Stephen and her daughter Marty, but then he started to surpass her and he was explaining things that she did not understand.  He explains that his Mom noticed after Kindergarten that he was gifted and brought him home, so he could be home schooled.  He even earned the highest score in his math class.  He started at Morehouse taking pre-calculus and algebra classes.

Mrs. Stafford came up with an online tool to help advance children’s educational development. The education system is getting so bad that this may be the wave of the future for all of us.  Check out this very talented family here:

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