Harlem Is No Longer Black USA

The time of the Harlem Renaissance appears to be vanishing.  A report just came out showing that Harlem is no longer a predominantly black haven for our arts and culture, but a melting pot or new Greenwich Village.

But the invasion of the body snatchers hasn’t just come to Harlem, it is happening throughout the country in every major center and is referred to as gentrification.

Which only means that the area surrounding their home became more expensive than they could afford, so it’s a forced move.  Once Starbucks comes to your neighborhood expect that to be  a sign that your neighborhood is getting ready to see higher property taxes.  The people of Harlem have become a melting pot of immigrants and whites. 

The Hispanic community even while they are not turning in their census surveys they’re still making up a larger portion of Harlem than the black community.There’s a lot of statistical evidence for their findings, but the real honesty is in the area’s history and charm.

A lot of people don’t live in Harlem because it’s cheaper, they are there to keep up and/or repair a spirit that has fallen.

The report states:

“It’s a mistake to see this only as a story of racial change,” said Scott M. Stringer, the Manhattan borough president. “What’s interesting is that many African-Americans are living in Harlem by choice, not necessity.”

Read the full report on Harlem here.

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