Female Bank Robbers Get Away

The Cincinnati area police is kicking themselves after being duped by three young girls.  Somehow the girls, ranging in age from possibly 12 – 16, entered a banking branch outside Cincinnati at the First National Bank in Symmes Township and robbed it, but was given dye pack cash.  For those of you that may not know what dye pack cash is, it’s a wad of cash that a teller gives you when they know they’re being robbed.  But the CBS story refers to it as “bait.”

Once you get a distance from the bank, the cash blows up with ink that gets all over everything.  Then everyone knows who the culprits were.  You remember how “Set It Off” got set off.  When Frankie didn’t give that dye pack to them, they swore she was in on it; that it was an inside job. This one might be considered an inside job too.   I mean, how did they get

Read here for more information on the girls.  They probably watched Set It Off just before they left the house and figured they could do it too.  They’re hold up at one of their girlfriend’s garage right now.

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