Are the ‘Seven Signs’ Beginning?

Remember that movie Seven Signs with Demi Moore and how the fish started washing up on the shores dead?  Well, now here we are with 1,100lbs. of squid on a 1.8 mile expanse washed up on the beaches of Vila Nova de Gaia.  Then the next day another 110 lbs appeared.  And today there was just one more.  But, the main element that needs to be dispelled immediately is that there is some kind of scientific formula that will put the pieces together.  Time magazine’s account of the incident includes the director of the Gaia Biolgoical Park, Nuno Oliviera, and he states: “There’s nothing in the scientific literature for this kind of mass mortality among octopus.”

I just know that every devout christian and many others of the spiritual community are gearing up their rosary beads, getting the binder on their bible tightened up and they’re making their poster board signs now that read, “He’s coming!” 

There are others that believe that this might be a swine flu type virus and other species were affected.  Boiled octopus is a favorite of the Portuguese people so they had to be warned not to touch the corpses because they could end up with something comparable to the swine flu.  Mike Weber, director of the Aguda coastal station, an aquarium and biological research institute located in Gaia was quoted saying, “We’ve had swine flu, bird flu,” he says, not completely in jest. “Why not octopus flu?”

Read the full report here.

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