Why Can’t President Obama Touch His Wife?

President Obama and Michelle Obama are the role models of the free world, so when President Obama tries to get a slight pat on the butt getting on the plane after vacation EVERYONE noticed.  When they went to Hawaii on vacation, they obviously had a great time.  They were boarding Air Force One and it appears that he gave her a little pat.  But photos tell lies.  Well the people who write the captions tell lies.  His hand could’ve just been coming down from her waist as they reached the top of the stairs.

But why the stir?  What’s the big deal?  This is the 21st century and people all over are freaking out because he barely swiped her butt going inside.  Certainly, there’s a lot of things we could be talking about.   Patting his wife on the butt is nowhere near the radar for me.  So, please don’t let this blow up any further.  We really wouldn’t want to have to hear anymore in the news about it.  What do you think about the picture?  All I see is an ad for married couples and the benefit of vacation.  It would read, “Keep it together!”

-J.C. Brooks

6 thoughts on “Why Can’t President Obama Touch His Wife?”

  1. Hi,
    Photos may lie but most videos tell the tail LOL! I saw the video on Jay Leno and he (Obama) clearly was patting and/or rubbing her behind. She even pushed his hand away and he continued. Hey, there is absolutely nothing, I repeat nothing wrong with this. As a matter of fact, I joked with my husband, about what was about to happened next on Air Force 1. LOL! You go Obama!

  2. He’s trying to help her keep her dress from flying up. You can clearly see it in this vid:
    and she’s not slapping his hand away-she’s trying to keep her skirt from flying up too! She’s probably glad he did that-that’d been more embarassing than people seeing her husband with his hand on her rear. lol

  3. They are married! I think they are a wonderful example of marriage and family and all the wonderful things that the Republicans claim to be about but are not really.

    I think their love should be celebrated and commended. They’ve always been openly affectionate. He obviously was not thinking or didn’t care that cameras were there. He loves his wife, he wanted to touch her and if she doesn’t object, neither should we.

    When young, unmarried folks are hooking up all over these “dating” reality shows, in hot tubs, slobbering, tonguing, screwing under the covers all in front of cameras, a man giving an affectionate pat to the woman he has committed his life to is REFRESHING.

  4. What is wrong with a man showing affection to the woman he is married to? It was nice to see a man who truly loves his woman and doesn’t care who knows it. I think people are upset that he wasn’t groping someone other than his wife. We are a country that has turned into a bunch of nosey, overly-critical, mean-spirited, hateful people. Stop it.

  5. Look America, this is making news like he is a priest breaking cardinal laws… This is his wife…W.I.F.E! George Bush SLAPPED an Olympic Volleyball player on her backside and it didn’t even make news, he also got caught on film starring at the butt of her team mate smiling. Neither are his WIFE! He did not stop being Mr. Obama when he became Mr. President. I am like Obama on this one, I am going to show my wife affection 24/7!

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