Is McDonald’s Really Putting Crack In the Food? (Video)


Kansas City, Mo., woman prepares to dump water on McDonald's employees after being denied refund.

McDonald’s hasn’t ever admitted to the ingredients in their special sauce, but there is obviously an addictive hallucinogen lurking in their foods.   Yesterday, we reported that a woman went to a Toledo, Oh., location and socked the drive-thru cashier in the face over not having mcnuggets at breakfast time.  Now we have another woman, but in Kansas City, Mo.  This one goes berserk in the lobby over her hamburger.

It’s obvious that someone didn’t add enough “special sauce” to her Big Mac, but whatever the case may be, when her cheese slid off the cracka after not receiving a refund, she had sense enough to get out of there before police could throw her in the back of a paddywagon.

Check it out here:

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2 thoughts on “Is McDonald’s Really Putting Crack In the Food? (Video)”

  1. Well Mc is not putting crack in the food, but the food does have chemicals in it, like the fries, I mean obviously if there were a vegetable restaurant and a Mc on the same block, where would a large percent of the people go to?
    Obviously there is addictive substance in the food, even the Japanese have put down their traditional healthy living to live over the edge and eat Mc Donalds.Wooooow!!!

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