Strip Club War in ATL Results In Convictions

I don’t know why, but the first mention of this incident reminds me of The Player’s Club scene when they finally get Bernie Mac’s character at the end and Charlie Murphy’s character bombs the club and shuts it down.  The Onyx strip club in Atlanta has had it’s share of problems too.  According to MSNBC, since Onyx’s opening in 2006, they started to drain other clubs’ clientele.  They had a high profile clientele of celebrities so everyone else had to make room…including Platinum 21.

Platinum 21’s  corporate manager, Harold “Bit” Thrower was the mastermind behind several attempts to shut the rival club down.  He had flunkies infest the place with roaches and rats on separate occasions and that didn’t work.  He should’ve known better than that because both of their clubs are full of hood rats and let’s face it…there really isn’t much difference.  Thrower then resorted to more serious tactics…arson.

His security chief for Platinum 21  Tweedle Dee a.k.a. Sandeo Dyson, 46, set Onyx on fire in January 2007 and it was closed for six months.  They also were hit hard with $1.8 million in damages.  The other flunky, Tweedle Dum, a.k.a. Boyd Smith, 41, helped Thrower plot to burn the club.  They both got five years  in prison.   But because Harold “Bit” Thrower spilled his guts on the entire operation, he received a lesser sentence of three years in prison.

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