McDonald’s Addict Punches Staff for Not Having McNuggets

Does anyone know if McDonald’s is lacing their McNuggets with crack?  If so, please notify us and the Toledo Police Department.  Because the woman who punched a staff member for not having McNuggets HAS to have either had something before arriving at the McDonald’s or the nuggets at that particular location are laced with some sort of crack additive.  Something is up!

The craziest aspect to this story is the fact that she, Melodi Dushane, 24, pulled up at the McDonald’s during BREAKFAST time.  Why would you demand your chicken nuggets during breakfast?  There’s no fast food store operating like that other than Dunkin’ Donuts.   You can get anything they sell at anytime.

Now they offer a picture of the girl who did the punching, but not the manager who grabbed her up by her hair and yanked her through the Drive-thru window.  Guess what she looked like…check out the full bizarre details here.  It gets even more interesting.

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