Man Kills Woman with Machete and Regrets Her Daughter’s Survival

Five men invaded the home of Kimberly Cates 42, of New Hampshire and killed her in October.  Her daughter who was also sleeping in the same room was unwittingly left alive by these viscious dogs.  They both suffered stab wounds from a machete and their attacker, 18-year old Steven Spader started stabbing the mother when she was startled by them being in her bedroom.

Her daughter, 11- year old Jaimie Cates was wounded, but she pretended to be dead or unresponsive.  But, her attacker, Christopher Gribble, 20, who gave a full gruesome account to police regarding the incident admitted that he wished he would’ve killed the 11-year old.  According to MSNBC, he said “his only regret was he didn’t kill the child because she now had to live with this,” and “if he realized she was alive he would have killed her.”  Simply touching, right?  Someone needs to bury him alive.

Cates husband was out of town on business.  They lived in a secluded area of Mont Vernon.  Obviously, they had staked out the place.  The cut the power to the house and agreed to kill everyone inside.  The group included:  Steven Spader, 18, of Brookline, and William Marks and Quinn Glover, both 18 and of Amherst.

May they feverishly rot in hell for the rest of their lives.  Read the rest of the story here if you can stomach it.  It appears they are disciples of Charles Manson.

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