Ex-NBA Baller Turned Shooter In Trouble Again with DUI

Jayson Williams

Jayson Williams, formerly of the New Jersey Nets, has had a rough decade since retiring from the NBA in 2000.  He has a manslaughter charge from allegedly shooting and killing his limo driver in his bedroom after drinking.  Now, yesterday morning he was driving and veered off the road into a tree.  Unfortunately, he wasn’t as lucky as Tiger to have someone helping him at the scene.  When police arrived at the scene he was in the passenger seat of his Mercedes SUV.  Apparently, Williams hallucinated another person inside the vehicle.

He told police that someone else had been driving the car.  The ex-baller ended up with a small fracture to his neck and other minor injuries.  The police demanded a breath test which he immediately declined.  Then they had to get a warrant to seize urine and blood taken when he was admitted to the hospital.  They charged him with a DUI at his bedside.

Now that brother needs some good counsel and guidance.  After the drinking and shooting his limo driver in 2002, you would think that he wouldn’t have another drink.  At least until his retrial for the case was tried and done.  Pray for him!  Although, he may not need it.  You know the old saying.  God takes care of old folks and fools.

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