What Was J.Lo Wearing On New Year’s Eve?

Jennifer Lopez seems to have had her time in the limelight, but the light is fading fast.  Did you see her performance during the New Year’s Eve festivities?  That outfit was more something we could expect from the 20 somethins.  Maybe Ciara and Alicia Keys can rock that, but even with all the curves J. Lo has had her time with the catsuit or THAT catsuit.

She had some sag and bag going on in some parts of the suit that were not attractive.  But, that was more due to “wardrobe malfunction” than her actual shape.  She’s in great shape, but the outfit was more than a fashion Don’t.  It was just a fashion DO NOT EVER do that again.  And to also be fair, maybe there’s a cultural difference in what we see as fashionable and what the latin community thinks is fashionable. 

At any rate, let me say this, “J. Lo, make a phone call.  Diddy wasn’t all bad.  Maybe he has another trick for your career.”  Just jokes!  But for real, burn that outfit.  Check it out here in all its glory.  Watch the performance here.  She needs to get some bigger dudes to carry her around.  She really looks older next to these guys:

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