Las Vegas Becomes Wild Wild West In Courthouse Shootout

Yesterday morning, the city of Las Vegas was truly becoming a scene out of the wild, wild west.  The shooter that started the mayhem was a man by the name of Johnny Wicks.  He had been denied his social security and immediate went into vigilante mode.  He even set his own house on fire before he came down to the courthouse.

Wicks was killed by federal marshals after a chase outside the courthouse.  Unfortunately, he claimed the life of security officer Stanley W. Cooper, who had spent 26 years with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department prior to taking the position in 1994 with Akal Security.  Wicks also shot a deputy marshal, but he is recovering in the hospital.

CNN has the video that was uploaded to YouTube by an amateur cameraman using his cell phone.  He taped the incident from what seems to be the rear of the courthouse.  The audio sounds like a sound bite from Beirut. Read their full report on the incident here.

Check out the video of the tragic scene:

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